Our Services

Equity Analysis and Research

The Stock Market in Ghana and the rest of Africa have been carefully studied and the performance trends of these markets have been analysed. We at GN Research have our own Index that studies the GSE(Ghana Stock Market) and forecast its performance. Again we have forecasted stock picks which outperforms the Composite Index. You can rely on our expertise to give more insight into the various stock markets for maximum returns.  On Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and yearly, we publish an in-depth stock market report which you can rely on for any investment decisions and academia.

Industry Survey and Sectoral Analysis

Due to completion and market leading, lot of companies within the Industry and the sector would need to perform these analyses for them to understand the market in which they find themselves as well as their respective market share and how to outperform their competitors. Also we determine their market shares, identify the strengths, weaknesses of each company and the opportunities and threats that exist in the industry. We then make projections for the medium to the long term for the industry based on observations and market intelligence.GN Research have performed such analysis for the clients from the Food and Beverage Sector and also the banking sector. We can confidently assure of success that our clientele is enjoying.

Economic Research and Analysis

In a dynamic business environment, knowledge of a country’s economic scenario is vital to an organization for strategic decision-making and exploring investment opportunities. It also include Studying fiscal and monetary policies Compiling, analysing and reporting data to explain economic phenomena, Forecasting market trends and trends of macroeconomic indicators Researching on economic issues and disseminating research findings through technical reports. And also Analysis of Topical Economic Issues Budget Analysis Economic Research provides organizations with a systematic framework for analysis on a wide array of financial and regional economic issues. GN Research conducts macroeconomic research that covers key market trends, statistical analysis, business opportunities, and challenges for a particular market sector. GN Research microeconomic research includes factors such as market size, industry organization and structure, competitive pressure, and market regulation.

Social Research

Consumers are very unpredictable as their taste and likeness of  goods and services tend to change with age , technology,taste,stlye, geographical location just to mention a few. For manufactures to know what to produce, what time to produce, how to produce and for whom to produce for, we need to conduct a consumer research to help you answer these questions and more for profitability. This is where GN Research steps in to help you. An example we can boast of is the research conducted for our client in the electronics industry. We therefore analyse the acceptance rate for a new product, the chances of its survival and recommend appropriate strategies for its success Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Surveys. Are your customers satisfied with you, how do people perceive your brand? These and more questions are ask and report written for managerial decisions and implementation.

Company Research

Company Research assists individual investors and companies in identifying opportunities, evaluating trends and market innovations as well as in selecting appropriate information solutions in order to make effective investment decisions. GN Research offers company-specific research reports to give insights about the company’s areas of operation, business structure, market position, financial health and performance, strengths, weaknesses, core competencies, and future outlook. Our analysis is based on an exhaustive research on data available from credible databases, Industry associations, trade journals and the company sources.