Equity Analysis and Research: Advise in investments in portfolio, Insights in stock exchange market, Stocks valuation, financial forecast (currency forecast).

Industry Survey and Sectoral Analysis: Qualitative, Desk research. In-depth interviews,

Economic Research and Analysis: Budget forecast, Economic models, extensive data review.

Social Research: Observation, product testing, focus group discussions, Mystery shopping, In-depth interviews, - Segmentation Studies, Corporate Image Studies Name, Label and Pack Tests, Ad and Concept Tests, Image Research Audience Surveys, Omnibus Surveys, Tracking Studies, Corporate Image Studies , Usage and Attitude Studies, Mini-Groups.

Company Research:  Budget forecast, Mystery shopping, Corporate Image Studies.

Scope of Work

The key focus is to support GN Corporate Affairs  

  • develop communications strategy,
  • improve and sharpen media image,
  • increase brand value,
  • manage issues and
  • enhance the efficiency of communication campaigns
  • Provide Web Analytics Services

Web analysis using Google Analytics should offer real-time solution for monitoring, contextualizing and visualizing web-based news, blogs and forums for the purposes of marketing and communications optimization.

Use Google analytics advanced contextual analysis and intelligent search, extracts relevant insight to track each company client responsiveness and sentiment, thus enabling GN Companies communicate more efficiently and effectively.


  • Strategic Media Analysis (SMA)

It should be extremely beneficial to keep a direct eye on the opinions of other important stakeholders. The approach incorporates key stakeholder surveys and helps to identify key stakeholder groups as well as to assess awareness, attitudes, preferences and behavior among competitor groups.

The analysis should close the loop in the opinion formation process, report impact on corporate messages on target audience. Organise polls on a monthly basis as a supplement to the media reputation data to gain insight on brand standings, issue penetration and movements.

The SMA should track perceptions and evaluate reputation drivers with stakeholder groups.

  • Corporate Culture

What employees think and say about a company is just as important as what other clients are saying. The online employee survey tool will be used to perform confidential internal surveys to find out how the company’s image is perceived by staff.

The report should indicate the most direct ambassadors with a high degree of credibility. The analysis should test vested interest, employees thinking about the company and the good stories they talk about to people.